Getting Started with Spree CLI

Spree CLI is a tool that makes it easy to bootstrap a new Spree project. It provides an interactive process for configuring Spree backend (running in Dockerized, Hybrid or Native mode) and a selection of available frontends.


To get started, simply run the following command in your terminal:
npx @spree/cli new app
This will launch the interactive process that will guide you through the process of setting up a new Spree-based store.
In order to start the already generated app, navigate to your project's folder and run the following command:
npx @spree/cli start app
Happy hacking!


Node 14+ is required to run the CLI. Depending on the chosen Spree setup, you will have to install different dependencies first:

Spree (dockerized)

  • docker >= 20.0
  • docker-compose

Spree (no docker)

  • ruby = 3.0.3
  • vips >= 8.6
  • gpg
  • psql
  • redis

Spree (hybrid)

  • docker >= 20.0
  • docker-compose
  • ruby = 3.0.3
  • vips >= 8.6
  • redis (only needed for running rspec tests)

Vue Storefront

  • node >= 14.15 <= 14.19
  • yarn

Next.js Commerce

  • node >= 13.0
  • yarn


1. NextJS storefront doesn't start properly

If the Storefront doesn't start you need to relaunch server manually. To do so you should navigate to /integration folder inside created project and type yarn dev into console.

2. NextJS storefront stops during launch

In case if the server is randomly stopping during launch it is advised to stop it (for example with ctrl + c) and repeat steps mentioned above.
If you have encountered any other problem with NextJS you can also refer to NextJs docs: