Extensions provide additional features and integrations for your Spree application



Provides authentication services for Spree, using the Devise gem such as signup, login, reset password, account confirmation and more.

Content Management


Move your existing Shopify blogs over to Spree bringing all your blog posts and URL's with you

Customer Service


Allows you to connect your Spree store with Gladly service. It allows Gladly agents to see basic information about Spree customers and their orders.



Adds support for model translations (multi-language stores)

​Flow Commerce​

Integration with Flow Commerce API for cross border selling

Order Management

​Handling Fees​

Adds Handling Fee functionality to Spree.

​Order Comments​

Add commenting to orders / shipments / etc ...
Create a PDF invoice for Spree orders.

​HTML Invoice​

Provides a "Print Invoice" button on the Admin Orders view which opens a printable HTML page with the order details


​Analytics Trackers​

Adds support for Analytics Trackers (Google Analytics & Segment)


Affiliate support for Spree Commerce.
Full Spree Mailchimp E-Commerce integration

​Product Feed​

Connect your Spree store directly to Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog via a live RSS feed


Sitemap Generator for Spree Commerce.

​Virtual Gift Card​

A virtual gift card solution

Marketplace & Multi-tenancy


Spree intergration for Mirakl API

​Multi Vendor​

Official marketplace extension


Multi-tenancy for Spree using Apartment (per tenant databases).



Adyen payment gateway integration for Spree.


Affirm payment method

​Amazon Pay​

Add Pay with Amazon to your Spree Commerce solution


Officially supported payment gateways such as Stripe, Apple Pay, and over 20 more

​Braintree vzero​

Official Spree Braintree + PayPal extension


official Mollie payment gateway for Spree Commerce. Accept all major payment methods, including iDEAL, Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and many more

​PayPal Express​

A better Spree PayPal Express Extension.

​Stripe Terminal​

Allows you to process payments with the stripe terminal via the backend of spree.


​Digital Products​

A Spree extension to enable downloadable products


Allows linking of youtube reference IDs to products

​Volume Pricing​

Spree extension which supports sales volume-based pricing (quantity discounts).

​Products Q&A​

Q&A Sections for products. Logged in users can ask a question, and then admins are able to answer it. All answered (and accepted) questions are displayed on a product page


Adds Elasticsearch integration to Spree, powered by searchkick gem enabling full-text searching and advanced product filtering


​Active Shipping​

Integration with USPS, FedEx, Canada Post and others


This is an extension to integrate Easy Post into Spree


Connect your Spree store with ShipStation, allowing ShipStation to pull shipments from your store, and when a shipment is sent, update the order with a tracking number and mark it as shipped


​Social Login​

Login or signup via Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other


Straightforward review/rating functionality.

Tax Calculation


The new officially certified Spree Avatax (Avalara) extension


US sales tax extension for Spree using the Tax Cloud service.


Spree Taxjar is a US sales tax extension for Spree using the Taxjar service


​Product Assembly​

Adds the ability to make product bundles
Possible uses: Accessories, Cross Sells, Up Sells, Compatible Products, Replacement Products, Warranty & Support Products


Wishlist extension for Spree Commerce.