Quick Start Guide

Installing Spree

To get started, run the following command in your terminal:
$ npx @spree/cli new app
You will be asked to provide the name for your project and select configuration options.
You can choose any options, but for the smoothest experience we suggest using the following:
Choose a Spree setup: Spree 4.5 (dockerized) or Spree 4.5 (Hybrid)
Do you want to load the samples?: Yes
Choose a storefront: Vue Storefront
The CLI will then create a new project for you, install all required dependencies and setup sample data. This process may take a few minutes.

Logging in to the Admin Panel

Once the installation is complete and the Rails server is up and running, you can access Spree's admin panel and review its configuration.
Open http://localhost:4000/admin in your browser.
Use the default credentials to login
Password: spree123
For further information on the available configuration options, please refer to Spree User Documentation.

Accessing the storefront

Open http://localhost:4000 in your browser to access the storefront.

Further Reading